How to be a better investor?

On 18.08.2021, a four-hour online training was held entitled: “How to be a better investor?”, which was addressed to future investors and business owners. The training was conducted by the DNA of Markets company from Warsaw and was led by Paweł Cymcyk – an experienced broker, analyst and economist for more than 15 years directly related to financial markets.

The training was attended by 21 participants, who had the opportunity to learn about issues such as:

1. First steps for an investor: basics of investing; where to start investing; how to create your investment roadmap; where to start investing; and how to choose a good market that suits the investor and their capital?
2. Tips – how to be a better investor?
3. The possibilities of your Portfolio.
4. Choosing the best investment strategies.

In the opinion of participants the training was very interesting and valuable. The trainer explained financial issues very clearly and practically from the scratch.


If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us


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