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This course is for anyone looking to introduce a new product or service. While it is very often thought that good ideas and investment in advertising solutions are enough, it is worth focusing on a marketing strategy that will help you put together key steps and reach your target audience.

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The common understanding of what marketing is leads many to a phase where we put an “equal” sign between marketing and communications or advertising. However, marketing is a much broader concept and in order to prepare for a successful launch in the market we must understand market segmentation criteria, the foundation of product (or service) positioning and work on each element of the marketing mix, especially product, place, price and promotion guidelines. To understand the market and competitive landscape we are entering it is also critical to assess our micro and macro environment, in other words, to conduct a primary market analysis. This course will cover the key steps in defining your marketing strategy that can lead to sales excellence. The basics of financial planning and the business plan model will enable you to assess the brand’s potential and financial needs.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction to the course FREE 00:03:04
    • Key concepts when planning your marketing strategy FREE 00:12:00
    • Marketing mix FREE 00:15:38
    • Sales Excellence: Marketing Mix. Quiz 00:05:00
    • Summary of the course FREE 00:01:52

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Dominyka Venciūtė

About Instructor

Dominyka Venciūtė, PhD is one of the best-known personal branding experts, lecturer at ISM University of Management, and Economics, certified marketing manager and the founder and consultant at Persona Cognita. She has more than 10 years experience in marketing and over the past two years, Dominyka has participated in over 40 conferences, public and private events, presenting various talks on personal branding for over 4 thousand people.
Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė – viena labiausiai žinomų Lietuvoje asmeninių prekių ženklų vystymo eksperčių, rinkodaros konsultacijų įmonės „Persona Cognita“ įkūrėja, ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universiteto Verslo vadybos ir analitikos programos direktorė ir dėstytoja. Dominyka savo ilgamete (virš 10 metų) rinkodaros patirtimi dalijasi konsultuodama įmones ir įvairių sričių profesionalus, skaito pranešimus konferencijose ir įvairiuose renginiuose.

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