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Content marketing, earned media, Search Engine Marketing and creating social ads campaigns.

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The course is divided into two sections concerning: ● organic promotion and Earned Media ● paid promotion and Paid Media A marketing strategist, Marta Rogalewska, talks about the division of media into three categories: The Owned, Paid and Earned media. She dives into the third kind showing the role of content marketing in building community and gaining free reach. In a few short video lessons you will learn also about basic SEM rules and about paid marketing platforms that will help you scale up your actions. This course includes a step-by-step tutorial for setting up a new Facebook Business Manager and creating your first paid social ads campaign. This training is for you if: ● you want to conduct conscious communication on social media and learn methods of building a community around the brand, ● you want to improve the search engine positioning of your website, but you don’t know how SEO mechanisms work ● you want to create ads on Facebook and Instagram by yourself.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction FREE 00:00:53
    • What does POEM stand for? FREE 00:01:34
    • Content marketing role in your strategy FREE 00:02:04
    • Content marketing in the customer journey planning FREE 00:04:14
    • How to improve content positioning in search engines? FREE 00:07:32
    • Growing your business through earned and paid media: earned media. Quiz Unlimited
    • Course summary FREE 00:00:33

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Marta Rogalewska

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Project manager, marketing strategist, co-founder of 2 creative and technological agencies. Co-creator of the Gold & Finch educational program. Managing marketing and interactive projects since 2006. She developed strategies, coordinated technological implementations and planned marketing activities for brands such as Red Bull, Jim Beam, EY, Credit Agricole, Citi, Hasbro and many others. For 4 years she was the operational manager of the biggest dance festival in Europe. Lecturer at the Białystok University of Technology (Digital Marketing and MBA studies).

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