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Visual aspects of marketing communication. Fundamental knowledge about brand identity and brand story, the art of recognizing the good and bad communication and basics of marketing photography.

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The course is divided into three parts concerning: ● Visual communication of a brand, ● Visual elements crucial for building the brand image, ● Marketing photography for beginners. Most of us associate visual identification with a brand logo, but is that all? What is visual communication and what is its role in contemporary business strategy? Can we tell the difference between a good and bad communication and effectively coordinate its creation, e.g. when we work with freelancers, design studios or agencies? In the first two parts of the course, created by experienced designers, Małgorzata Bieroza and Tomasz Misiukiewicz, you will learn how to turn visual aspects into a credible, consistent and profitable brand story. In the third part you will find insights and advice collected by photographer Paweł Tadejko to help all those who make their first steps in marketing photography. So if you want to improve the quality of your photos and still can’t decide: smartphone or SLR, be sure to stay with us until the end of the course! This training is for you if: ● you are considering starting a company or startup or already have one, but you need support at the beginning of your journey; ● you want to organize your marketing and communication knowledge and increase the effectiveness of your company’s activities; ● you care about gaining additional marketing skills to understand the advertising industry better and to increase the attractiveness of your CV; ● you are looking for inspiring case studies and want to hear what the work of leaders in the marketing industry looks like in practice.

Course Curriculum

    • Introduction FREE 00:00:44
    • Visual assets for brand FREE 00:02:18
    • Elements of Visual Identification & Brandbook FREE 00:03:08
    • Your own visual communication system, part 1- Strategy FREE 00:01:22
    • Your own visual communication system, part 2- Moodboard FREE 00:02:01
    • Your own visual communication system, part 3- Brief FREE 00:01:47
    • Building a brand through visual communication and photography: visual assets for brand. Quiz Unlimited
    • Course summary FREE 00:00:30

Course Reviews

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Tomasz Misiukiewicz
4.5 4.5

About Instructor

Art director, designer, creative director and co-founder of a creative agency Przestrzeń. For over 10 years he has been dealing with visual and advertising communication. In 2013, he joined the Warsaw branch of the VML network agency. As Creative Group Head, he managed a team of a dozen or so people and projects for brands such as: Orange, Lays (Poland and Europe) or Tic Tac (globally). In 2017, on behalf of Saatchi & Saatchi, he created communication for IKEA and Jacobs. Currently, co-founder and creative director of the holistic agency Przestrzeń. Winner of many industry awards, including: EFFIE, KTR, Young Creatives, MIXX Awards.
Od ponad 10 lat zajmuje się komunikacją wizualną i reklamową. W 2013 roku dołączył do warszawskiego oddziału sieciowej agencji VML. Tu, jako Creative Group Head, zarządzał kilkunastoosobowym zespołem i projektami dla takich marek jak: Orange, Lays (Polska i Europa) czy Tic Tac (globalnie). W 2017 z ramienia Saatchi&Saatchi tworzył komunikację dla IKEA i Jacobs. Obecnie, współzałożyciel i dyrektor kreatywny agencji holistycznej Przestrzeń. Laureat wielu nagród branżowych, w tym: EFFIE, KTR, Young Creatives, MIXX Awards. W wolnych chwilach ciągle coś robi: animuje, fotografuje czy konstruuje interaktywne instalacje. Marzy o domu na wsi i własnej kosiarce do trawy.

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