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Beginner's guide to marketing strategy, market analysis and finance.

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The course is divided into three parts concerning:

● the basics of marketing strategy

● the role of finance at the stage of creating a new business

● tools for independent market research.

The decision to start a business or introduce a new product / service to the market can be an exciting and breakthrough moment in life. But it can also overwhelm you with the enormity of difficult questions and chaos in planning the next steps.

We have created this course to help you organize your company's planning and advise on how to turn an idea into a real action strategy. In a series of short lessons, three experienced specialists suggest what entering the market involves, how to build a communication strategy in the easiest way, what financial pitfalls await new entrepreneurs and how to get knowledge about the market and customers.

This training is for you if:

● you want to understand what a marketing strategy is

● you want to create valuable and effective brand communication

● you care about consciously planning the consumer's path for your products

● looking for advice on fundraising for business

● you want to find out what tools marketers and analysts use to understand the market better.

Kurso programa

    • Introduction FREE 00:01:27
    • 4Ps & 4C in the marketing mix FREE 00:04:13
    • The fundamental questions in each of the 4 Ps FREE 00:04:04
    • Step by step strategy planning FREE 00:03:04
    • Specialization & distinguishing features FREE Unlimited
    • Customer journey planning FREE 00:09:45

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