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Young Entrepreneur – when planning and launching your business, you will need knowledge and skills on a wide range of topics related to generating business ideas, recognizing market needs, product development and testing, finance, law, marketing, etc. In order to help you in this difficult and, at the same time, extremely exciting way, the ACCESS project team has prepared practice guide how to launch new business entities. Practice guide how to launch new business entities is comprised from 2 publications that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of entrepreneurship, and at the same time will facilitate starting a business.

From the first publication you will learn:

– how to find a business idea;
– how to learn about customer problems and use this knowledge to create a business idea;
– how to design your business model;
– what is Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how to design it;
– what are the methods and tools for validating the MVP that are time- and cost-effective;
– what is a business plan and how to prepare it correctly so that your business has a chance for success and what tools can help you with this;
– what are the pre-acceleration and acceleration programs and what are the benefits, as well as what programs you can participate in to develop your business.

Read and download first publication here.

From the second publication you will learn:

– what are the different sources of business financing that you can use;
– what recruitment tools should be used to find employees with appropriate skills and competences;
– what are the forms of employment and incentive tools;
– what methods and tools to use to prepare effective marketing research;
– what tools are useful in internet marketing.

Read and download second publication here.


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