Newsletter #11 Success story “Uderz do baru” Michal Kuprewicz. Project LT-PL-1R-048

Success story “Uderz do baru” Michal Kuprewicz
Michal Kuprewicz a young entrepreneur entered Science and Technology Park Poland-East in Suwalki with and idea. He wanted to provide entertainment and joy for the people at the events.

At the first meeting specialist presented possibillities of financing the future business activity. The most convenient was a local funding provided by the Employment Office but it required filled application form and short form of a business plan. Small business model was developed and it required from the future business entity to be original because at the catering food and drink branch originality is the key to the revenue. That’s the most important rule passed on to all the entrepreneurs “Your financing will be provided by the customers not some EU funds”. In the long run even the best financing from institutions ends and only customers can verify ones business model.

During filling in the application form one of the crucial point showing the commitment is the contribution that will complete the external financing. Michal Kuprewicz was prepared because he had already some basic equipment, training and had analysed the competition. What’s is more he stronglyt believes in cooperation so he already had relations with local Velvet Hotel and local DJ Wodzirej Ułan.

STPS wanted to help the new entity not only with the tedious documentation but with finding the customers. The opportunity was the local event on 9th and 10 November 2017 that would be visited by 300 business guest and would provide fairs with over 40 business units. The “Uderz do baru” stand was placed in the attractive food corner where Michal Kuprewicz received many business cards and established many relations.

With financing and pocket full of contacts Michal Kuprewicz started the business on 3rd January 2018. 2 months after starting a business he has filled calendar and is very happy with the LT-PL CooPlatform help.

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