Newsletter #5 Local event in Taurage “Business call” on November 17. Project LT-PL-1R-048

Taurage district administration has prepared small and average business support procedure, that will compensate more expenditure that business will cost. Taurage district administration previously prepared job subsidy procedure, that business can get 3000 euros for one job created and 6000 euros that 2 jobs created. In 2016, 18 jobs were created in 2017, 24 jobs were created. Analytically evaluating job creation is very useful because cost benefit analysis shows that when jobs are created administration gets person income tax, there are no need to pay unemployment benefit, and national government will get value added tax. The relation between cost and benefit is positive after 2 years.

New small and average business support procedure is intending to cover business registrations cost, business plans expenses, marketing remedies expensive, real estate cost expenses, and intending subsiding job creation.

Taurage local event is promoting entrepreneurship by advertising business support remedies, explaining how business can use marketing effectively, how real estate cost affect small business, what Taurage district administration can do helping people who are thinking about starting their own business. Taurage local event is inviting everyone who are in business, who has just started business and to those you are just thinking about starting business.

The event will be very useful to those who are passionate about investing in their business, it‘s very useful to those who wants to get more knowledge about how can Taurage district administration support business.

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